Bryce Canyon Tour – Breathtaking Journey to Over 9000ft!

From Arches National Park to Zion National Park, Utah is spoiled for choice when it comes to natural beauty. However, there is another national park that is sometimes forgotten but it is potentially the most breathtaking of them all – Bryce Canyon National Park! Following our short yet enjoyable scenic drive through Zion, we stayed overnight in Cedar City, Utah before taking the two hour drive to the entrance of Bryce Canyon. If you are looking for a very unique and distinctive topographical landscape, I would strongly encourage you to consider taking a Bryce Canyon tour!

Location and History

Bryce Canyon is located in the heart of the southern half of Utah. Access to this national park is not the easiest as it requires quite a bit of driving ‘off the beaten path’, or at least off the Utah interstate system. But this is what makes Bryce such a popular spot for those that take the time to explore the gorgeous beauty present here.